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The 9 String Electric
Ibanez RG9QM - Available at  zZounds.com

Recently the world, and more specifically the metal scene, has seen a big uptick in the use of extended range guitars. A number of factors contribute to this trend, ranging from better amp developement, to improved recording equipment, and even just wanting to sound heavier.


Modern electric guitars are actually just catching up, as the classical music scene saw 7, 8, 10, 11 and even 13-string guitars! Up until recent history, however, the term 'extended range guitar' referred almost exclusively to 7 string electrics with the possible exception of an 8 string. Ibanez has been one of the leaders in not only extended range guitars, but the 9 string electric specifically with the RG9QM.

Below on the right, is an Ibanez RG9QM 9-String, with a Schecter Omen 7-String pictured on the left as reference.  Both guitars available at zZounds.com for a surprisingly low price.
While these guitars can ever fully replace the bass guitar, they certainly raise a lot of questions. They seem to be the subject of debate just as the electric 7, and 8-strings were when they first exploded into popularity.

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