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The 5 Biggest Rock And Metal Concerts

Posted by Drop-Tuning.com 3:55AM 6/19/2017

1. Rod Stewart - Rio De Janeiro - 1994 - 3.5M
This massive rock show took place on New Years Eve 1994, as Rod Stewart put on a totally free concert in Copacabana, Rio De Janeiro. While it is impossible to separate concert goers from those who simply showed up for the midnight fireworks, official attendance estimates are between 3.5 and 4.2 million people, making this officially, the biggest concert gathering of all time.

2. Monsters Of Rock - Moscow - 1991 - 1.5M
AC/DC, Metallica, Pantera, Black Crows, and several other bands, were part of a massive concert put on and sponsored by Time Warner Inc. Occuring right before the break up of the Soviet Union, tour organizers, knowing Russia had a large rock and metal following, pulled hard to have Moscow added to the lineup. Were it not for existing problems within the Soviet Governing Structure, the concert likely would not have been allowed.

3. The Rolling Stones - Rio De Janeiro - 2006 - 1.5M
Over 10 full years ago now, iconic rock band, The Rolling Stones, performed in front of 1.5 million fans at Copacabana beach, Rio De Janeiro. Many people call the this the most historical and memorable concert in The Stones' entire career. Supporting their new album A Bigger Bang, The Stones played 20 songs, 4 of which were from the new album.  The totally free concert was funded in part by 2 telecommunications companies. It was broadcast globally on satellite radio and online, and In the United States, the concert was even shown in movie theaters.

4. Rammstein - Rock Over Volga - 2013 - 1.1M~
For numbers 4 and 5, the exact numbers are not as easily available, and the order of concerts may vary. German rock giants, Rammstein, took their very intense live show to Russia for what was easily their biggest concert to date. While some sources say 691,000, others put the attendance estimates between 800,000 and 1,200,000. This huge discrepancy in numbers, is allegedly due to not only onlookers, concert staff, and security officers, but a large number fence hoppers/ticket stubbers who slipped in as well. Even based on conservative estimates, this was the largest concert to occur in Russia in the 21st century. 

Due to image scarcity, this is an image of Openair Festival in Frauenfeld Switzerland in 2015

5. Allman Brothers - Watkins Glen - New York - 1973 - 600K
Rock and blues icons The Allman Brothers Band, and hippy-culture titans the Grateful Dead, teamed up with The Band to put on Summer Jam at Watkins Glen, a massive show in upstate New York. An estimated crowd of 600,000 music fans packed into the Watkins Glen Grand Prix Raceway on July 28th, 1973, in what was once considered by the Guinness Book of World Records to be the
"Largest audience at a pop festival".

Here, also due to photo scarcity, is a picture of the Grateful Dead at Red Rocks Amphitheatre ouside Denver Colorado in 1987

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