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Parkway Drive To Release New Album

Posted by Drop-Tuning.com  10:37PM CST 5/30/17

Australian rock and heavy metal veterans, Parkway Drive, are set to soon release a new full length album. Many of us remember when their last effort, Ire, was released, less than 3 years ago [September 25, 2015], to the tune of huge sales and great fan reception, despite being a slight departure from more typical PWD sounds. Ire has continued to sell records as well as provide plenty of excitement and ticket sales to support the band's touring.

Speculation has swirled since basically the release of the 2015 album, as to when, and what to expect from the band going forward. Parkway Drive have continually changed their sound over the last 15 years and have always enjoyed fairly positive reception in the heavy metal community. The band has maintained the same recording and touring lineup since the release of their second album, so it comes as no surprise that they have developed a rhythm and a chemistry as an established metal band.

Various members of the band have given figures on the albums progress, ranging from "70% complete", to "Glowsticks and Snakeskin Boots", in an interview with
MoreCore.TV . When asked what to expect as far as the sound of the new album, Vocalist Winston McCall described the effort as "Refinement." McCall has seemingly said that they are going to capitalize on the sounds and themes that they and their fans love the most, and add in new creative elements, leading fans to maddening anticipation.

Above is a video, where MoreCore.TV, was able to score an exclusive interview with some of the band members.

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