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All gear from

All gear from

MusicNomad GRIP Bit -  1/4" Hex-head peg winder bit! Nuff said! Available on SamAsh.com
GHS Fast Fret String and Neck Lubricant - Use it on strings, fretboard, and back of neck. It keeps strings clean and lets fingers slide freely. Good for wood. A secret of the pros! Remember, accessories ship fast and free from SamAsh.com  
The eMedia Guitar Accessory Kit - This kit has everything needed to dust off an old guitar and give it a new life, or get a newbie started shredding again after breaking a string or losing interest! Available on zZounds.com!
KAT KTMP1 Drum Pad -  This small, rugged, 4 zone drum pad can add afforable percussion to any jam session. Features inputs for external bass kick and hi-hat pedals to make a full kit from this super compact and durable drum pad! Available on zZounds.com

The Boss RC-3 Loop Station Pedal - With over 99 slots to store riffs, this rugged loop pedal puts the power of many guitarists, in the hands of one! Available on  zZounds.com

Korg GA1 Guitar/Bass tuner - For almost a decade the legendary Korg GA1 has been a top performing tuner, for a very reasonable price, typically under $20. From SamAsh.com  
Pic Stik Strap Mounted Pick Holder -  This bad boy glips on to your guitar strap and holds up to 5 picks, which are included in the purchase! Available on  SamAsh.com
Ernie Ball Strings -  Classic time tested Ernie Ball tone is hard to match. All styles and guages are available, affordable, and ship fast from  zZounds.com