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Retrospective Album Review: Back In Black 37 Years On
5:38AM CST 10/10/17​

The 5 Most Commonly Used Guitar Tunings
​Posted by Drop-Tuning.com 5:38AM CST 7/28/17​

5 Major Rock n' Roll Hall of
Fame Snubs
​ 5:38AM CST 10/6/17

​​ Guitar Matchup: Ibanez RG421 V Jackson JS32 Dinky​​
9:38AM CST 9/14/17

Top Ten Myths About Drop Tuning
9:27PM CST 6/1/2017

Scale Length: What You Need To Know
​​ 9:38AM CST 10/2/17​

Gear Review: Jerry Cantrell
​10:01PM CST 8/31/1

Fretboard Materials: A Quick Look
10:37AM CST 8/28/17

Volbeat: The Story So Far
9:38AM CST 6/28/17​

Item Review: The Surfpick
Lignum Vitae Guitar Picks - Available at Surfpick.com

Top 5 Biggest Rock and Metal Concerts​
3:55AM CST 6/19/17​

Five Finger Death Punch To Remain Intact
9:38AM CST 6/23/17​

The 5 Biggest Guitar Innovations For Metal

Rock am Ring 2017 Evacuated Due to Terror Threats!
4:54PM CST, 6/2/2017

Jerry Garcia's 'Wolf' Guitar Sells For $1.9M USD.  
8:57 PM CST 5/31/17

Parkway Drive To Release New Album​​
10:37PM CST 5/30/17

Stone Sour To Headline Knotfest
9:38AM CST 7/10/17​

Top Ten Most Influential Nu-Metal Bands
5:38AM CST 6/29/17​

5 Major Characteristics of Metal Guitar
5:38AM CST 10/10/17

Avenged Sevenfold's June 9th Reveal
6:45AM CST 6/8/2017

A7X Drops Totally Spanish Song​
​2:54AM CST 6/12/2017

World Series 2017: Rock Music On The Ball Diamond
5:38AM CST 10/24/17​

Top Ten Most Influential Nu-Metal Bands
5:38AM CST 6/29/17​