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​​Item Review: The Surfpick
Lignum Vitae Guitar Picks - Available at Surfpick.com

Last week, a gentlemen on Twitter named Ra (    @Ra__      ) tagged us in a tweet asking if we would review his product, the Surfpick. Delighted with the opportunity, we accepted.

 So what is the Surfpick?  The Surfpick is a guitar pick that Ra carves out of Lignum Vitae, an extremely hard and dense wood. More details can be found regarding production of the Surfpick on their website. For this read, however, we will focus on reviewing the pick from the standpoint of the player, and will not focus as heavily on the science behind it.

Before we get into the review, it is important to note that Ra has not given us any financial or other considerations that would lead to an inflated or falsified review. The following is our honest, unbiased opinion of the experience and performance of the Surfpick.

 After accepting the offer to review  - the process only became easier. Ra made clear when the product was going to ship and was sure to double check all addresses. We followed the product online with the tracking link that Ra provided, and it arrived about 3 business days after it shipped.

Inside the package, along with the Surfpick inside of an elegant white pouch, is a folded piece of parchment detailing the production process and citing several high profile reviews of the pick.

Seen here, is the Surfpick and the soft white pouch it came in.

Ra also includes a small passage written personally to the customer, wishing them luck with their Surfpick pick. See the gallery below.

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
Upon receiving the pick, we experimented with a gauntlet of drills; alt-picking, sweep-picking, down-picking, and strumming are just a few. The Surfpick outperforms it's plastic competitors with no weak areas. Aside from providing a major improvement in pick attack and timbre, it also feels very natural between your fingers.

The obvious advantages of a wood pick are immediately present, but with the addition of a very smooth edge that allows for great pick feel and tonal consistency. After logging almost 10 hours of playing the pick on electric and acoustic guitars, the pick only impressed us further. The edge wore down for the first 2-3 hours and then stopped at the perfect angle - like magic!

 The pick feels great in your fingers  - So much so, that we will likely approach Ra about other cuts that the pick is available in as the jazz pick we ordered might seem small for newbie hands. The Surfpick is great for feel and playability, but also offers the X-factor of being uncommon and unusual; serving as an excellent conversation piece.

 10/10 rating  - So far in our time with the Surfpick, we can't think of any improvements that could be made. We would recommend this pick to anyone, especially those looking to play metal. This pick may be the perfect keystone between player and instrument, but you wont know until you try it! 

You are very encouraged to visit the site. Or approach Ra on twitter at @Ra__     . We hope you enjoy yours as much as we enjoy ours.

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