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Gear Review: Jerry Cantrell
Posted by Drop-Tuning.com 10:01AM CST 8/31/17

Jerry Cantrell is one of the best 'doom’ guitarists in the world. However, Cantrell did not become a superstar overnight. After performing in the shadow of Layne Staley for the first few years of Alice in Chains, Cantrell assumed near total creative influence after Staley's passing in 2002. AIC’s original sound was predicated on Staley’s dark wailing vocals and Cantrell’s mainstream rock sound that created a unique blend of music that has stood the test of time.

Above is Jerry Cantrell at Roskilde Festival in 2010.

Cantrell has experience meshing his musical abilities, having compromised countless times with other musicians to obtain a specific sound. On the flip side of that coin, and not to be overlooked, he also has experience creating the sound that he wants. Due to the longevity and dynamic nature of his career as a guitarist, Cantrell has experience with many different guitar setups. In this article we will provide links to purchase some of the gear referenced.

Because Cantrell is such a talented musician whose sound varied through the years, it is not surprising that Cantrell has used all kinds of gear. He has been known to play Gibson Les Pauls and Fender Telecasters , but is seen most of the time using G&L guitars. One of Cantrell’s favorites, the G&L Rampage was modified per Cantrell to include Seymour Duncan pickups and a different tremolo bridge. This modification prompted G&L to create the Rampage Signature Jerry Cantrell Model.  ​​

As for acoustic guitars, Cantrell has been seen playing a Guild D50 , their  JF30 acoustic series, a Martin D-35 , and even a Line 6 Variax. Cantrell’s elaborate sound has prompted him to try many different amps through the years. Most notably, Cantrell prefers Bogner amps and Eddie Van Halen’s EVH5150 , and has more recently colllaborated on his own signature amp, the Friedman JJ-100. Cantrell’s most popular pedals include Dunlop’s Cry baby JC95  and 535Q Multi-Wah .

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