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Future of 5FDP Remains Unclear [UPDATED 6/23/17]
Posted by Drop-Tuning.com  2:38AM CST 6/16/17​

See updated story here: Five Finger Death Punch To Remain Intact

Ivan Moody will sit out the remainder of the band's current tour due to alcohol issues.

Five Finger Death Punch said Wednesday, that after his years of substance abuse and tension with band mates, vocalist Ivan Moody will sit out the remainder of the Europe tour citing alcohol abuse as the chief reason.

During a Monday, June 12th concert, Moody told the audience it would be his last show with the band, running his thumb across the front of his neck. Speculation has swirled for months or even years, about the rocky internals of the band. This helps shed a little light on the Nu-Metal quintet.

Below, is rhythm guitarist Zoltan Bathory (right) and vocalist Ivan Moody (left).

    Stepping in on vocal duties in the meantime, will be vocalist Tommy Vext of Bad Wolves, a band touring with 5FDP. Vext, saying he feels a "responsibility to deliver to the fans, but also to show Ivan what you can do being sober," is 8 years sober of his own substance abuse issues. Vext covered vocals on 'Lift Me Up' for 5FDP at the June 9th Tilburg concert as Moody was late to start the set.

After a similiar incident in May 2015, the band's future is now unclear, one is reminded of the countless bands that have self destructed in the past due to similar issues, and were reduced to nothing within just a few years. We can only wish the band luck, and hope that for Ivan's sake, he remains a part of it.

Below is a video of Moody giving his news at the Monday June 12th Concert In Tilburg, uploaded to Youtube by 'Ruben Huis in t veld' - be sure to subscribe to them on Youtube for more news.

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