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Five Finger Death Punch To Remain Intact
Posted by Drop-Tuning.com  9:38AM CST 6/23/17​

    We reported last week that vocalist Ivan Moody had all but quit the band at a June 13 show in Tilburg, The Netherlands after making a throat slitting motion with his own thumb. Years of internal tensions have fueled speculation that has plagued the iconic metal outfit. This time however, they are bent on making it right - after not only announcing another European tour, co-headlining with 'In Flames', the band also went back to Tilburg on June 19 to play a free show for anyone who had bought tickets to the show that went awry the week prior.

The band released this statement:

          "Those who have followed 5FDP from the beginning can tell you there's always been an element of danger and unpredictability in our music and in our shows. That’s Rock n’ Roll. When you do over 150 shows in a year, you will inevitably have a few derailments, but the train always keeps on moving. Last night in Tilburg was one of those instances, but as they say, you aren’t a race car driver if you don’t wreck a car or 2.
We can’t wait to put on amazing shows tomorrow night at Nova Rock all the way to our just announced winter tour all over Europe. See you all on the race track….bring a helmet."

- Five Finger Death Punch

    To many, this statement, along with the return gig, showed immense character. Absent at this show however, was Moody, and again, Tommy Vext of Bad Wolves stepped in to cover vocals for the entire concert. Despite this, the band has stated publicly that Moody has worked out his issues and will continue to be the bands full time vocalist both in the studio, and on tour.

Below is a video of Vext performing vocal duties with the group at their June 19 show. Video credit to ZieZoeZou - Subscribe on Youtube.com

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