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Avenged Sevenfold's June 9th Reveal
Posted by Drop-Tuning 6:45AM CST 6/8/2017

Late 2016 saw metal icons Avenged Sevenfold release their first album since 2013's Hail to the King. 'The Stage', the band's latest effort, was released in 2016 to the tune of mix reception. The bands first concept album, it features much deeper themes and is considered by some, to be a departure from the more Nu Metal/Metal sounding California outfit.

The bands website, says "The Stage experience begins June 9th". This has caused massive speculation and curiousity among fans.

​In an interview with KERRANG!, the band spoke of an extra track that they were unable to finish recording in time for the album, and of its imminent release. Recently the band has teased that they will add this track, as well as 6 other cover songs to the album intermittently over the coming months. Also telling KERRANG! that these additional track releases "will continue to happen for the next couple of years.”

As one might assume, the masses of Avenged Sevenfold fans are left curious as to what will come next from the band. Members of the group also told KERRANG! that the new tracks would be "off-the-wall stuff – not typical cover stuff." - further fueling speculation by thousands of loving fans waiting impatiently for new material.

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