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 - 1. On this site, we promote cool music gear that we come across from our affiliate gear providers
SamAsh.com and   zZounds.com , as well as our favorite drop tuning gear for playing metal.

 - 2. If you decide you want to buy any music gear from either retailer, and you buy that gear after accessing their website from any links on this page, our site get a small commission, this doesn't cost you any more, and helps us maintain the website!

- 3. zZounds  and SamAsh.com are great websites with great shipping, good deals and excellent customer service. They offer the lowest prices on guitars, amps, live sound equipment, gear accessories, and more, from nearly every brand.

 mission is to provide a portal through which drop tuners are able to access the best deals on the newest items, at the lowest prices through Samash.com and  Zzounds.com . Items meant specifically for the needs of drop tuning will take priority, however, general use guitar items may surface from time to time.

While we will be prescribing gear on this site, this site is not secured for financial transactions, and thus you will never be charged or asked for any information, nor will you ever be asked to set up any accounts of any kind on Drop-Tuning.com. All purchases and transactions are made independent of Drop-Tuning.com and are between the customer and the licensed retailer on that retailer's secure site.

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