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5 Major Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Snubs
Posted by Drop-Tuning.com 5:38AM CST 10/6/17​

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame; has there ever been a more prestigious award for shredders of any instrument? Likely no. The RRHOF is the ultimate in recognition for the established rock/metal musician. There are however, a number of bands who have garnered huge followings and massive support, but have for one reason or another been overlooked, or "snubbed" by the institution.

The case for grunge icon Soundgarden making the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame may be hard to make, but not if you consider one factor; Soundgarden had vocalist Chris Cornell. Cornell had a voice that comes around once in a generation. And yes, we would have said this before his death as well.
Cornell’s ability to tell a story in every song earned him recognition as one of the best songwriters of the modern era. Cornell could wail through nearly 4 gravelly octaves most of his career, producing timeless jams with Soundgarden such as “Black Hole Sun,” “Rusty Cage,” “Fell on Black Days,” “Spoonman,” “Burden in My Hand,” “Outshined,” and many more. Soundgarden was among an elite few bands who helped mold the rock scene into the grunge era, and their many hits can still be heard on the airwaves frequently. 

Motley Crue

Some people might not consider Motley Crue musically legitimate enough to be a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member. However, upon inspection of their catalog, they have higher caliber songs than most of their 80’s hair metal counterparts. Not only are they musically better, but they also out-glammed many of their competitors. “Girls, Girls, Girls” is a thrashy glam metal anthem, “Kickstart My Heart” is played at every major sporting event, and “Home Sweet Home” is sung every time its heard by 45-year-old soccer moms.

Standing at a modest 5’ 9”, vocalist Vince Neal stood just tall enough to drive home
piercing vocals that projected over thousands of fans through the years. 

​​Despite major spinal issues, guitarist Mick Mars played excellent leads on various Gibson Les Paul guitars over nearly every Motley Crue track. Nikki Sixx is also owed some credit as he was an integral part of their success through the years, rhythmically shredding on a Gibson Thunderbird bass.
Alice In Chains

Another major Rock & Roll Hall of Fame snub is Alice in Chains. Like Soundgarden, Alice in Chains helped usher in a new era of rock music in the late 80’s and early 90’s. At a time when rock music was going through significant change, guitarist Jerry Cantrell and now deceased vocalist Layne Staley gave grunge a platform that influenced many similar bands and post-grunge acts to follow.

Some argue that Layne Staley is the best vocalist of the grunge era and that Cantrell is the best ‘doom’ guitarist in the world. These notions are not farfetched if you've ever had the pleasure of experiencing Alice in Chains live in their prime. Cantrell creates his unique and booming live sound with a combination of mostly G & L Rampage guitars and Bogner,  Friedman, or
EVH5150 amps. Additionally, Alice in Chains deserves to be in the RRHOF because Cantrell and company have managed to maintain success while only marginally changing their signature sound since the death of Staley in 2002.

Iron Maiden

Perhaps the biggest Rock & Roll Hall of Fame snub, is Iron Maiden. Iron Maiden took off after the 1982 release of The Number of the Beast. Iron Maiden is best known for Bruce Dickinson’s crisp, high range vocals and Dave Murray’s harmonious guitar compositions.

Murray was able to create his unique sound by playing a custom Fender Stratocaster . This Stratocaster had the neck of a ’57 and the body of a ’63, which eventually prompted Fender to create the Fender Dave Murray Stratocaster . Considering that you’ll see three times as many Iron Maiden shirts in public as most current RRHOF inductees, it is a mysterious travesty that Iron Maiden has not received this illusive invitation.

Slayer has the same claims to the RRHOF as Iron Maiden and Pantera [another snub] do. Slayer has collected countless awards and accolades, and has been a favorite band of metalheads for years. Tom Araya, American-Chilean bass player and vocalist, is known as one of the best metal bass players in the world, as well as being a stellar lyricist.

Slayer tracks typically tend to paint scary, pre-apocalyptic images. These sonic works include classics like "Raining Blood", "South Of Heaven", "Angel Of Death", and many more. Like Iron Maiden, the public following for Slayer is absolutely massive and much bigger than many current RRHOF inductees.

 No one knows why these epic bands like Pantera, Iron Maiden, and Slayer have been left out of the RRHOF for decades. Further frustrating fans, Tupac Shakur has been inducted despite starting almost a decade after Slayer, and only having a proffesional career of 5-8 years while not even being a rock and roll artist. We encourage you to do a little research on this subject. You would be amazed who isn't in the RRHOF yet that should be...
Below is South Of Heaven by Slayer, Subscribe to Michael S. on Youtube

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